Betty Red’s Diamonds

Finding The Right Dress

Matt and I are not your “typical” couple – we love hot rods, pin-up girls, swing music and tattoos…so a typical wedding dress just wouldn’t do.  I started my search by googling Vintage Wedding Dresses, ’50s Style Wedding Dresses, Old Hollywood Style Wedding Dresses, etc. and found some really fun dresses. Here are some fun sites to check out for everything other then “typical.”  – Remember, you don’t always have to go for a long traditional wedding dress. Whirlingturban also does custom work – and it’s beautiful! A good option for the wedding dress or even the bridesmaids dresses.

Whirlingturban Leopard
Whirling Turban– Beautiful dresses, a little bit on the expensive side…but well worth it. The style is very vintage, reminiscent of Jackie O. They carry a variety of different style dresses, tea length, long and suit.  

Stephanie James

Don’t be afraid to go for something fun and funky. Patterns are always fun, especially if you are doing a simple wedding – like a beach, or a Vegas wedding.
Jessica Mclintock

Jessica McClintock Polka Dot

Trashy Diva

Trashy Diva 
White isn’t always right  – throw in color! Who said every wedding dress had to be solid white, floor length, fluffy and sequined?! Check out these dresses for some fun alternatives.
Pinup Couture – find this dress at  

Pinup Couture


The dress is one of the most meaningful details of a girl’s wedding – so have fun with it, don’t be afraid to show your own style…because not everyone loves white, fluffy and sequined! 


The Tattooed Bride….Custom Cake Toppers
I was on the hunt for a unique, personal cake topper to give our cake a little Rockabilly vibe without making the cake itself shaped like a hot rod or upright bass…and I came across these – thank you

Hell In A Handbag ( or
Erin from Hell In A Handbag is one the most unique and talented people I have come across, everything she makes is brilliant, but it was her custom cake toppers that I fell in love with.  Each vintage cake topper is hand painted to match your hair color, dress color, tattoos, and style….and they are done beautifully.  No better way to make your elegant cake rock a little, and after the wedding bells chime it makes for a fun keepsake to display in your home. 






Flowers are always beautiful, but here are some fun ways to add some kick to your bouquet.
Feather Bouquets (
These are a fun, different alternative to a flower bouquet, and a very inexpensive, easy thing to create yourself.

Red-White Feathers 
Button Bouquets):
A funky way to rock your bouquet, and something you can hold onto for years to come…without having to hang it upside down to dry. 🙂

These bouquets are made out of vintage buttons, felt and ribbons…and are ADORABLE. Check her out.
Princess Lasertron

Button Bouquet
Vintage Fans: 
A beautiful, very inexpensive alternative to flowers.  

Silk Fan 
These would be perfect for an outdoor or beach wedding…who said you had to carry flowers anyway? 


Pamela’s Parasols is another awesome place to shop – she has a variety of styles to choose from – funky to elegant. A little bit more on the pricey side, but for the quality of the parasol…well worth it.  
photos & parasols by




I am not a huge fan of the traditional long wedding veil, so I went on the search for other alternatives and found all of these beautiful options.
A headband is a fun, beautiful way to give your wedding a 30’s feel and is an easy option for brides with short hair. 
Find this headband at Topsy Turvy Design’s Etsy page – 

Topsy Turvy Design - Crochet Headband
Fascinators are another way to add a little old school glamour to your wedding do, or even your bridesmaid’s.  You can get find them in solid white, or in color. 
Find these fascinator at Topsy Turvy Design’s Etsy page – 

Topsy Turvy Design - The Candace

The Bridcage Veil – These are one of my personal favorite styles.  They reek of nostalgia & glamour, and are reminiscent of some of our favorite leading ladies. Find this Bridcage Veil at 

HeartNSole - Vintage birdcage half veilPhoto Creds – HeartNSole
Hair Flowers – This is an easy way too add a classic touch to your hair if you don’t want a veil at all, or anything too extravagant. It’s an easy option and will work with any hairstyle you choose.  Find these beautiful hand made flowers at or

Uncle Fez - Magnolia

Uncle Fez - Orchid

Uncle Fez - Rose Photo creds – Uncle Fezter


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