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Jayne Mansfield’s Pink Palace

February 21, 2011

Hello my lovelies!!!!  It’s February and for most of us that means it’s that time of year when we turn to the one we love most and say, “Hey, where’s my chocolate”!  Yup, love is grand and apparently requires much cardio before spring arrives.  Oh, well….

For most girls Valentine’s day comes complete with visions of cupid and his bow, big red hearts and lots of fluffy pink stuff.  Which may also explain why this time of year for me always comes with visions of Jayne Masfield.  Why Jayne?  Well, aside from her being one of my favorite pin up girls, this time of year brings her to mind because of her Pink Palace.  For those who may not know, Jayne and her husband, Mickey Hargitay, lived in a literal Pink Palace.  Everything in their mansion was pink and gold and heart shaped!  Nothing says Valentine’s Day to me more than her pink bathroom complete with heart shaped tub!  Sadly, this legendary old Hollywood landmark was demolished in 2002 in what was, in my opinion, one of the dumbest moves in history.  But, luckily the pictures live on!!!  So, to send visions of a Happy Valentine’s Day to you all, here are a few photos of beloved Jayne and her mansion.  Perhaps these photos will help inspire the inner vixen in all of us just in time to celebrate with that special someone!

To help even further, I’m also including some helpful hints to give your eyes that “come hither” look!!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!!

Look 1 – Chocolate Cherry bon bon –

Be sure to start each look with eye primer to ensure your colors stay all night!  Next, start with a matte, flesh toned shadow and sweep it all over from lash line to brow bone.  Next, apply red shadow all over the lower lid and bring slightly up to crease.  Use a dark brown shadow to the crease and work outward to help “wing” it out a bit.  Then apply your favorite gel or liquid eye liner and draw in your “cat eye”.  Line your lower lid water line as well.  Apply the same dark brown shadow under your lower lid as well.  Lastly, apply plenty of mascara or your favorite falsies and your ready to go!

Look 2 – Cupid’s arrow –

This is a very easy look anyone can do!  Firstly, apply a frosted white shadow all over from lash line to brow bone.  Next, apply a medium toned blue shadow to the crease and outer portion of your lid.  Really work the color in your crease and “wing” out a bit.  Next, apply your favorite gel or liquid liner to top lash line only.  Line under your lower lid with the same frosted white shadow.  And lastly, use plenty of mascara or your favorite false lashes to say “oh la la, I’m done and I’m gorgeous”!

Look 3 – Sacred Heart –

Firstly, apply a gold toned shadow to the entire lid from lash line to brow bone.  Next, apply red shadow on the entire lid and bring slightly into the crease.  Next, grab a plum shadow and really work this into the crease, once again “winging” it out a bit.  Go in with your favorite gel or liquid liner and apply your “cat eye”.  Line under the lower lid with the plum shadow.  And of course, use your favorite mascara or falsies and you are good to go!!!!

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Welcome back to my Extra Fancy Holiday Blog edition – part II!

December 22, 2010

Thanksgiving and Christmas for many are all about the family but let’s face it ladies, New Year’s is all about glitz! Going out with your friends and that special someone to celebrate the year that’s past and look forward with happiness in our hearts and love in our eyes towards the year to come….or at least you do if you’re in a wacky romantic comedy starring Reese Witherspoon, usually after some crazy hi-jinks ensue.  Ah, that zany Reese……

To be honest, no matter how many amazing, wonderful things may have occurred in the past year, New Year’s for most is mainly about reflection.  Second guessing decisions and wondering, “Hey!  Where did the year go!”  365 days sounds like forever but always ends up running out  faster than a man will when he hears that  “L” word….That’s right, Laundry!  Wha?  What word ya think I meant? 🙂

Well my lovelies, I can help!  One thing every New Year should hold in common is the hopefulness of new starts and the excitement they can bring!!  Even if everything in your life right now is better than ever, we can always take a step back, take stock and say, “By this time next year I want to be….”  Fill in the blank girls with your heart’s desire, it’s yours for the taking! ……yeah, that’s zany Reese talkin’ again.  Why can’t she and her movies stay out of my head!!

What I really mean to convey is simply this, whether this year has left you fulfilled or longing, one thing you can absolutely make sure of is it goes out with you looking fabulous!

In part one of this Holiday Blog we went over some cool make up looks that can help you make the holiday brighter!  For part II, I’d like to focus on our lovely locks!   Let’s go!

For most of us retro beauties, perfect pin up curls are not just a part of our every day, they are a staple!  But when you walk around in your daily life looking like the coolest diva around, it’s hard to convey that “extra, special something” to your look that says “It’s party time!” Or at least more so than usual!  Well, I have a few tips that may or may not be on your current radar that can help to give your normal diva-like persona an extra, oh, la, la!

Two words, ladies – Foam rollers! I SWEAR, foam rollers are god’s solution for happiness.  Many gals I know are afraid of them but honestly, the best reason for giving them a try is how long your curls will last!  They can last for days, trust me!  Here’s what to do –

To start, you will need a rat tail comb for parting your hair and any brand spray gel you prefer.  For the rollers themselves, you can go to any local drug store.  You can find them in the hair isle for CHEAP!  How many you will need depends on the thickness and length of your hair.  If you’ve ever used hot rollers, that may help give you an idea.  I say purchase more than you may think you need just in case.

Begin with dry hair, not wet.  In fact, it doesn’t even have to be clean, just washed hair.  A little product will help hold the curl.  Separate your hair 4 ways.  Start at the crown.  Use the rat tail comb to part your hair from temple to temple, section that off and secure with a duck bill clip.  Then, part hair from the fron, just behind your ear on both sides.  Section off and secure again.  Now all that’s left should be the back of your head, secure that as well.  To begin the rolling process, you’re going to separate each section into sub-sections.  I usually start with the crown.  Take the duck bill out and comb out to the length of your hair upwards.  Starting from the back, section off a small piece, no wider than the width of the roller.  Holding your hair from the ends, spritz with the spray gel.  You won’t need too much just a few nice, even sprays along the length of the hair.  Now, hold the roller against ends of your hair, smooth down flat, and begin to roll.  The direction you roll will dictate how your hair will lay.  I usually just roll backward for the crown.  For the sides and the back section, I usually just go in the direction of my hair’s natural flow.  How you normally part your hair should help you decide as well.  Use a little tension while you’re rolling, but not too much.  Secure the roller and Viola!  First one down!  Repeat the process over for each section. After the whole head is finished, I usually give another spritz or two of gel, and a little quick spritz of water  with a spray bottle to help the hair set.  I usually do this at night, before bed and use a bandanna or a silk scarf to wrap my head up with before sleeping.  If you prefer not to, you can always set your hair in the morning and leave it in through out your day until you’re ready to start beautifying for your night out!

I love those awesome “dolly”- like banana curls so I usually just smooth the curls out with my fingers after carefully removing the rollers.  I  give a quick spritz with the spray gel or some hair spray and I’m done.  This is also awesome for special occasions because I seldom if ever have to fix my hair for the rest of the night!  The curls last just as cute and springy as when I began my evening.  Of course, you may also opt to brush the curls out a bit.  For this, use a soft bristle brush.  Gently brush each curl out, then use your fingers to arrange.  The best part about using the rollers before your big night out is the time you save getting ready.  Your hair is done and out of the way so you can focus on other things like your make up and your outfit.  Or hey, accessories!

Speaking of, another great way to give your holiday look that extra special something is the use of accessories. Any proper pin up has a bevy of hair flowers to choose from, but for the holidays you might want to go that extra step.  Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for?  Make it yourself!  I touched upon this in the last blog.  A glue gun can be a gals handiest tool for creating awesome hair clips, broaches, etc.  Simply go to any 99 cent store or party store.  They will probably have a host of items to choose from.  Mistletoe, garland, holiday bows, tiny little plastic fake bottles of champagne, etc.  Any of these items can be used to make awesome hair accessories!  You can use your glue gun to attach them to the small size “duck bill” hair clips commonly used for the hair flowers you buy in any accessory store.  You can find the clips at most drug stores ( you have to go to pick up the rollers anyway)!  Be creative! Glue some Mistletoe and holly to a clip for an awesome Christmas hair piece.  White holly flower, a plastic fake champagne bottle (a party store should have these) and some ribbon for a fun and festive New Year’s hair ornament.  Glue guns are incredibly easy to use.  Just plug in and allow time to heat up.  Then, grab your items of choice.  You’re going to put the glue on the items, not the clip.  Dab a bit of glue and hold in place on the clip.  Remember you will have to open the clip so if you’re using the duck bill style clips pinch open as you hold the items you selected in place. Otherwise, the clip may glue shut.   Not as bold as all this?  You can purchase some of those cute, baby sized bows used for Christmas presents.  Pick you favorite color – red, gold, silver, etc. and glue to a plain hair clip.  These look adorable, especially with those awesome banana curls!  These are just a few suggestions, use your ingenuity and creativity ladies!  I know you can do it!

Well ladies, as always I enjoyed giving you all a few ideas to help make the holiday festivities even more fun!  I wish all my beauties the Happiest of Holidays and the brightest New Year!

Till next time, xoxo!

Getting Makeup Ready for the Holidays!

November 23, 2010

Ah, the holidays…how do they creep up on us the way they do?   So much planning, so much shopping, so much….STRESS!!!

This time of year can be an awesome string of fabulous partying, shopping and fun but it also brings with it lots of anxiety! Getting the shopping done, planning the meals, dealing with crazy relatives…ah, errr.. I mean…yeah, planning those meals!  It’s all wonderfully crazy and crazily wonderful!

But fear not ladies!  One thing I can absolutely help you with is looking your best while partying whether your full of good cheer or ready to ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho, haul your sweet pattuti outta there till next year!

Look One – Santa’s Little Helper
Start with your favorite foundation all over.  Remember, if you’re using a liquid or cream based foundation, use a setting powder on top to be sure it will last the night.  Before applying your eyeshadow, it’s also always a good idea to lightly dust your lids as well to help absorb any extra moisture/oils and keep your shadow from fading.

To start this look, go over the entire lid, from brow bone to lash line with a light gold toned shadow.  You want a beautiful, shimmery “hint” of color here.  Next, choose a light green frosted shade.  Think mint or celery or bamboo, something festive but not too dark or intense.  Sweep this shade over your lid paying close attention to the inner corner.  Bring a bit of color to your upper, inner crease and blend.  Then choose a golden/medium brown frosted shade to intensify your crease, working that outer corner.  The key with crease color ladies is blend, blend, blend!!!  Line your top lid with a black liner of your choosing, as well as your water line.  For your drop shadow (the under eye area) line the inner corner with the same green shadow you used on your lid, bringing the color only mid way.  Line the outer corner with the gold/brown shade.    For your blush, sweep a very light amount of your favorite bronzer.  Something with a little shimmer will compliment this look best.  Top this all off with your favorite red lipstick and a little gloss and your ready to help Santa bring everyone a little holiday cheer!

Look Two – Visions of sugar plums
For this look you’re going to start off with lightly sweeping  a subtle silver toned, off white  or “ice” colored frosted shadow over the entire lid, once again from brow bone to lash line.  Next, choose a pale or ice blue frosted, metallic shade.  Something with lots of shimmer.  Sweep this over the entire bottom lid and as above, concentrating on the upper inside corner.  Next, choose a beautiful plum color to work the crease and outer corner.  Line your top lid with the black liner of your choosing as well as your water line.  For the drop shadow, line the inner corner of your under eye area with the same pale blue or ice blue shade as you used on the upper inner corner of the lid once again going only mid way.  Line the outer corner of your under eye area with the same plum shade you used for your crease and outer corner of the upper lid.  For blush, once again go lightly as we want your eyes and lips to be the focus point.  For your lips, you can either go subtle by using a pale pink, mauve or nude tone with lots of gloss!!   For the really bold, burgundy will add lots of drama!

Additional hints!
For your lashes, Use either lash building mascara or better, your favorite brand of false lashes.  If you have trouble applying them, try cutting them in half and apply them in two pieces, the inner corner, then the outer.  The smaller size makes them easier to deal with and maneuver.

For your liner, two words – CAT EYE.  We retro girls love our cat eye!!!  No need to go boring now that the holidays are here!!!

For your lips, make sure you’ve covered them first with a little foundation.  Then go over them with some setting powder.  This not only helps to block out their color and size so you can exaggerate and build upon them if you’d like, it will help your lipstick stay on through any meal.  If you want to add a little fullness, use a lip pencil and go just slightly outside your own line.  The fill them in with color and gloss!

Completing your fun, new holiday look can be as easy as adding a little splash to the finished product.  A poinsettia flower for your hair helps you stick to your pin up flavor while still entering holiday mode.  A beautiful gold or silver rhinestone hair comb will help you mimic a glamorous, old Hollywood flavor.  Or be creative!!  Grab that glue gun and make your own hair accessories!!  It’s super easy and fun to do!  Glue peppermints, jingle bells, or even a candy cane to a flat silver hair clip, like the ones commonly used for all your hair flower accessories.  You can find them at any drug store or dollar store and they are very inexpensive.  Hmmm…Foreshadowing to the next blog???  Maybe 😉

Well ladies, I hope I’ve given you a few cool ideas to help you find your inner holiday hunny!!  Remember, have fun with it!!!!  Don’t let the stress get ya down.  The best part about holidays is getting to spend a little more time with with the people you love!  Unless you’re spending them with the before mentioned crazy relatives.  In that case, stay close to where ever the drinks are!!!!

Till next time!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Halloween Makeup Tips

October 14, 2010

Hello lovely ladies!!!  What better way to compliment your favorite outfit than with the perfect hair and make up look!  I’ll do my best each time to give you tips that will help both inspire your creativity and show you achieving pin up perfection can be as easy as a few simple steps!

For this first installment though, I thought it’d be fun to focus on that awesome event right around the corner….Halloween!

Make artist or not, this has always been my favorite time of year!  But for many gals I know the fun can often become diluted by the same stressful questions every year.  First question, sexy or scary and can I be both?  Second, how can I be sure my look will last all night long?  Third, how do I get that cute mummy boy to come talk to me?  Um…or that last one might just be me. 🙂

I’ve selected a few looks from my “All time favorite costumes” arsenal that can be quick fun or elaborately intense depending on how much time you want to put into it.  Here we go…..

Easy sexy –

The Geisha –
Beautiful and graceful, the Geisha oozes of all things sexy and mysterious.  Here’s a few quick tips –

If you are too nervous to use full white make up, using your favorite brand foundation in 2-3 shades lighter than your own is a good way to imply the Geisha look.  Remember to get all over, into the hairline, under your chin, neck, etc.  A pink cream based blush should be used generously for your cheeks and eyes.  Line the top portion of your lid, sweeping the the tail outward, keeping the line as thin as possible.  Lashes can be used to intensify the effect.  Brows should be thin, straight lines. Finally, your favorite red lipstick finishes the look.

If you are a little craftier at your make up skills you may want to try the more traditional look of full white make up.  Use the foundation to block out your brows and lips as well.  This will help you create a more authentic Geisha look by enabling you to draw in your brows as thin and straight as you like with out having to follow the flow of your own.  For your lips, use lip liner to draw in only the “bow” portion of your lips.  Then color them in using a bright red!

Easy Scary –

Tips for building wounds and scars –
Bloody anything or anyone up and it’s instant scary.  But done the wrong way it tends to be more mess than menacing and will just make you look like a sad Carrie trying desperately to relive her glory days.  Here’s a few not so labor intensive ways to have cool cuts that will last the night.

Molding wax is something you can find at most Halloween or professional make up supply stores.  When used with an adhesive, it will last you through most any party.  Apply a bit of adhesive to where you want your wound to be using a make up sponge (breaking the sponge and using the “textured” side works best). While waiting for the adhesive to dry, work a bit of the molding wax in your hands to loosen it up, then start building your wound remembering to smooth the edges to blend into your own skin.  Next, using liquid latex, begin to stipple it over the wax, a few layers will be necessary.  Use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process.  Once the latex is fully dry, puncture a portion of it to create a tear and pull it down a bit.  This will mimic the illusion of broken skin.   Now all that’s left is to bloody the wound up and you’re ready to go.  For this, I would use a product called “Thick Blood” by Ben Nye.  It won’t run, is easy to use because it’s more of a paste, not a liquid and therefore better suited for this purpose.  Feel free to use purplish and red tones around the “wound” to help make it more gnarly looking.  Incidentally, for those a little less enthusiastic about their wounds, the Thick Blood on it’s own can be used to mimic scars or cuts.  By itself  however, it’s durability is a little limited.

Easy Sexy AND Scary – The Zombie Pin Up!
I admit it, if it were socially acceptable to walk around as a zombified pin up on a daily basis, I would!  I’m obsessed and achieving this look is easier than you think.

The short route – Let’s face it, the best Zombies have a flesh color all their own!  My favorite product to use when making Zombies more colorful is by a company called Mehron.  The color?   Why Zombie flesh, of course.  Stipple this all over what ever skin will be exposed.  Face, neck, hands, etc.  Once dry, you can pretty much apply your typical pin up make up as usual (with the exception of foundation of course) Do up your gorgeous cat eye, ruby red lips and please don’t forget the lashes!  Top all this off with your cutest outfit and curls and you are one hot mama out to eat some brains!!  Or, um, I’m sure whatever they’re serving at the party will suffice! 🙂

For the more adventurous- Use the tips I gave for creating wounds.  Be sure to use plenty of the liquid latex.  Tearing the latex and pulling portions of it down will mimic rotting skin.  Then instead of using the Thick Blood, color the inside gaps with browns, purples, yellows, be creative, there are no rules!  Top it all off with the Zombie flesh make up and you are now both Scary AND Sexy…..Trust me!!!

I had a blast ladies and I hope I’ve helped you to get those ideas flowing!!!  Be creative!!  Take risks!!!  Most of all – have fun!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!