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2008 Kitten Koffin Girls

February 21, 2011

All of these kittens are in the 2008 Kitten Koffin Girl Calendar from the 2007 Calendar Pinup Contests!

January Model: Iris Blue   |   Photographer: Bombs Over Betty





May Model: Aurora   |   Photographer: Terribly Girly


June Model: Teagan Marie   |   Photographer: Jason Ginman


July Model: Dani Scandal   |   Photographer: John Rahn


August Model: Kitty vanGogh   |   Photographer: Rumble Dolls Photography


September Model: Elaina DeCarlo   |   Photographer: Rotten Candy Photography


October Model: Jamie Lee   |   Photographer: Paper Candy Photography


November Model: Tabby Kat   |   Photographer: Gary Roberts


December Model: Raven MacLean   |   Photographer: Lucifer