Getting Makeup Ready for the Holidays!

Ah, the holidays…how do they creep up on us the way they do?   So much planning, so much shopping, so much….STRESS!!!

This time of year can be an awesome string of fabulous partying, shopping and fun but it also brings with it lots of anxiety! Getting the shopping done, planning the meals, dealing with crazy relatives…ah, errr.. I mean…yeah, planning those meals!  It’s all wonderfully crazy and crazily wonderful!

But fear not ladies!  One thing I can absolutely help you with is looking your best while partying whether your full of good cheer or ready to ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho, haul your sweet pattuti outta there till next year!

Look One – Santa’s Little Helper
Start with your favorite foundation all over.  Remember, if you’re using a liquid or cream based foundation, use a setting powder on top to be sure it will last the night.  Before applying your eyeshadow, it’s also always a good idea to lightly dust your lids as well to help absorb any extra moisture/oils and keep your shadow from fading.

To start this look, go over the entire lid, from brow bone to lash line with a light gold toned shadow.  You want a beautiful, shimmery “hint” of color here.  Next, choose a light green frosted shade.  Think mint or celery or bamboo, something festive but not too dark or intense.  Sweep this shade over your lid paying close attention to the inner corner.  Bring a bit of color to your upper, inner crease and blend.  Then choose a golden/medium brown frosted shade to intensify your crease, working that outer corner.  The key with crease color ladies is blend, blend, blend!!!  Line your top lid with a black liner of your choosing, as well as your water line.  For your drop shadow (the under eye area) line the inner corner with the same green shadow you used on your lid, bringing the color only mid way.  Line the outer corner with the gold/brown shade.    For your blush, sweep a very light amount of your favorite bronzer.  Something with a little shimmer will compliment this look best.  Top this all off with your favorite red lipstick and a little gloss and your ready to help Santa bring everyone a little holiday cheer!

Look Two – Visions of sugar plums
For this look you’re going to start off with lightly sweeping  a subtle silver toned, off white  or “ice” colored frosted shadow over the entire lid, once again from brow bone to lash line.  Next, choose a pale or ice blue frosted, metallic shade.  Something with lots of shimmer.  Sweep this over the entire bottom lid and as above, concentrating on the upper inside corner.  Next, choose a beautiful plum color to work the crease and outer corner.  Line your top lid with the black liner of your choosing as well as your water line.  For the drop shadow, line the inner corner of your under eye area with the same pale blue or ice blue shade as you used on the upper inner corner of the lid once again going only mid way.  Line the outer corner of your under eye area with the same plum shade you used for your crease and outer corner of the upper lid.  For blush, once again go lightly as we want your eyes and lips to be the focus point.  For your lips, you can either go subtle by using a pale pink, mauve or nude tone with lots of gloss!!   For the really bold, burgundy will add lots of drama!

Additional hints!
For your lashes, Use either lash building mascara or better, your favorite brand of false lashes.  If you have trouble applying them, try cutting them in half and apply them in two pieces, the inner corner, then the outer.  The smaller size makes them easier to deal with and maneuver.

For your liner, two words – CAT EYE.  We retro girls love our cat eye!!!  No need to go boring now that the holidays are here!!!

For your lips, make sure you’ve covered them first with a little foundation.  Then go over them with some setting powder.  This not only helps to block out their color and size so you can exaggerate and build upon them if you’d like, it will help your lipstick stay on through any meal.  If you want to add a little fullness, use a lip pencil and go just slightly outside your own line.  The fill them in with color and gloss!

Completing your fun, new holiday look can be as easy as adding a little splash to the finished product.  A poinsettia flower for your hair helps you stick to your pin up flavor while still entering holiday mode.  A beautiful gold or silver rhinestone hair comb will help you mimic a glamorous, old Hollywood flavor.  Or be creative!!  Grab that glue gun and make your own hair accessories!!  It’s super easy and fun to do!  Glue peppermints, jingle bells, or even a candy cane to a flat silver hair clip, like the ones commonly used for all your hair flower accessories.  You can find them at any drug store or dollar store and they are very inexpensive.  Hmmm…Foreshadowing to the next blog???  Maybe 😉

Well ladies, I hope I’ve given you a few cool ideas to help you find your inner holiday hunny!!  Remember, have fun with it!!!!  Don’t let the stress get ya down.  The best part about holidays is getting to spend a little more time with with the people you love!  Unless you’re spending them with the before mentioned crazy relatives.  In that case, stay close to where ever the drinks are!!!!

Till next time!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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