Halloween Makeup Tips

Hello lovely ladies!!!  What better way to compliment your favorite outfit than with the perfect hair and make up look!  I’ll do my best each time to give you tips that will help both inspire your creativity and show you achieving pin up perfection can be as easy as a few simple steps!

For this first installment though, I thought it’d be fun to focus on that awesome event right around the corner….Halloween!

Make artist or not, this has always been my favorite time of year!  But for many gals I know the fun can often become diluted by the same stressful questions every year.  First question, sexy or scary and can I be both?  Second, how can I be sure my look will last all night long?  Third, how do I get that cute mummy boy to come talk to me?  Um…or that last one might just be me. 🙂

I’ve selected a few looks from my “All time favorite costumes” arsenal that can be quick fun or elaborately intense depending on how much time you want to put into it.  Here we go…..

Easy sexy –

The Geisha –
Beautiful and graceful, the Geisha oozes of all things sexy and mysterious.  Here’s a few quick tips –

If you are too nervous to use full white make up, using your favorite brand foundation in 2-3 shades lighter than your own is a good way to imply the Geisha look.  Remember to get all over, into the hairline, under your chin, neck, etc.  A pink cream based blush should be used generously for your cheeks and eyes.  Line the top portion of your lid, sweeping the the tail outward, keeping the line as thin as possible.  Lashes can be used to intensify the effect.  Brows should be thin, straight lines. Finally, your favorite red lipstick finishes the look.

If you are a little craftier at your make up skills you may want to try the more traditional look of full white make up.  Use the foundation to block out your brows and lips as well.  This will help you create a more authentic Geisha look by enabling you to draw in your brows as thin and straight as you like with out having to follow the flow of your own.  For your lips, use lip liner to draw in only the “bow” portion of your lips.  Then color them in using a bright red!

Easy Scary –

Tips for building wounds and scars –
Bloody anything or anyone up and it’s instant scary.  But done the wrong way it tends to be more mess than menacing and will just make you look like a sad Carrie trying desperately to relive her glory days.  Here’s a few not so labor intensive ways to have cool cuts that will last the night.

Molding wax is something you can find at most Halloween or professional make up supply stores.  When used with an adhesive, it will last you through most any party.  Apply a bit of adhesive to where you want your wound to be using a make up sponge (breaking the sponge and using the “textured” side works best). While waiting for the adhesive to dry, work a bit of the molding wax in your hands to loosen it up, then start building your wound remembering to smooth the edges to blend into your own skin.  Next, using liquid latex, begin to stipple it over the wax, a few layers will be necessary.  Use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process.  Once the latex is fully dry, puncture a portion of it to create a tear and pull it down a bit.  This will mimic the illusion of broken skin.   Now all that’s left is to bloody the wound up and you’re ready to go.  For this, I would use a product called “Thick Blood” by Ben Nye.  It won’t run, is easy to use because it’s more of a paste, not a liquid and therefore better suited for this purpose.  Feel free to use purplish and red tones around the “wound” to help make it more gnarly looking.  Incidentally, for those a little less enthusiastic about their wounds, the Thick Blood on it’s own can be used to mimic scars or cuts.  By itself  however, it’s durability is a little limited.

Easy Sexy AND Scary – The Zombie Pin Up!
I admit it, if it were socially acceptable to walk around as a zombified pin up on a daily basis, I would!  I’m obsessed and achieving this look is easier than you think.

The short route – Let’s face it, the best Zombies have a flesh color all their own!  My favorite product to use when making Zombies more colorful is by a company called Mehron.  The color?   Why Zombie flesh, of course.  Stipple this all over what ever skin will be exposed.  Face, neck, hands, etc.  Once dry, you can pretty much apply your typical pin up make up as usual (with the exception of foundation of course) Do up your gorgeous cat eye, ruby red lips and please don’t forget the lashes!  Top all this off with your cutest outfit and curls and you are one hot mama out to eat some brains!!  Or, um, I’m sure whatever they’re serving at the party will suffice! 🙂

For the more adventurous- Use the tips I gave for creating wounds.  Be sure to use plenty of the liquid latex.  Tearing the latex and pulling portions of it down will mimic rotting skin.  Then instead of using the Thick Blood, color the inside gaps with browns, purples, yellows, be creative, there are no rules!  Top it all off with the Zombie flesh make up and you are now both Scary AND Sexy…..Trust me!!!

I had a blast ladies and I hope I’ve helped you to get those ideas flowing!!!  Be creative!!  Take risks!!!  Most of all – have fun!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!!


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